sharing what I know

providing consultation services

during decision-making…

  • pick my brain. schedule a Skype call where you can ask questions and get advice. I’ll share my perspective, as well as provide you with a “to do” checklist to help you begin your own journey.

before you leave…

  • create a ‘plan of action’: we’ll work together to develop a realistic relocation timeline that’s tailored to your unique situation.
  • get info about about visas, residency permits & citizenship: partnering with an expert specializing in immigration rules and regulations, you’ll receive detailed information about the kind of permissions required, plus get hands-on assistance throughout the daunting application process–from start to finish.

after you arrive…

  • sign up for “The Starter Kit”: a custom-designed mentoring program for those first critical months in your new Italian city or town. Learn practical, everyday skills, and get individualized guidance and support for a smooth, hassle-free transition.

contact me for more info and nifty ways I can help